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Wrestling With God

Jacob is on the run from Laban, and in the midst of his running, he realizes his past has caught up with him. In order to reach Bethel, where God had first appeared to Jacob, he must cross through the land of Seir, where his brother Esau awaits. Jacob is scared, even though God tells him not to be, because in the past, Jacob had wronged Esau. Now, after dividing up his family, Jacob is left alone when an angel of God comes upon him, Jacob and the angel begin to wrestle until the breaking of day. When the wrestling is over, Jacob is given a new name, and the promise of blessings to come.

Much like Jacob, some people wrestle with God. Instead of letting God handle the issues of our past, we try to fix or cover them up. Jacob tried to appeal to Esau and cover up his wrongdoings by referring to himself as Esau’s servant. Sometimes, in order for us to grow closer to God, we have to face our Esau’s. Jacob eventually gave in to the angel of God, and held on until he received a blessing. Even then, the angel made Jacob confess his reputation before he could receive the blessings God had for him with his new name, Israel. In order for God to bless us, we have to humble ourselves before Him, so He can make us a new creature in Him.


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