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When You Pray for Removal but God Sends Reinforcement

Many have walked through trials and tribulations that have brought them to their knees. When these trials arise we go to God in prayer and ask Him to take the trouble away. Thankfully there are times when God answers that prayer and delivers us from the trouble we are facing. There are times however when God chooses not to remove the trial. Instead God chooses to give us the strength to make it through the trial.

In Luke 22 Jesus faces the greatest trial of His life. In Gethsemane He is filled with agony and His heart is broken. In His sorrow He cries out three times for the cup of bitterness to pass from Him. Instead of God allowing the cup to pass He sends an angel to give Him strength to drink the cup.

In this sermon we look at the experience of Christ and draw similarities to our own lives.


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