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The Sin Of Partial Obedience

In 2 Chronicles, we are introduced to Rehoboam. Within the first verses of this chapter, we learn that Rehoboam is being faced with a very important decision. Instead of going to God, Rehoboam ignores the counsel he is given by the elders, and makes a decision that will impact Israel for years to come.  Rehoboam is given one last chance to reconcile with God so Jerusalem is not captured by Shishak. Rehoboam finally admits his sin, and gives his heart to God. Although Jerusalem is not fully overtaken because of his decision, Rehoboam still pays for being partially obedient to God throughout his life.

Much like Rehoboam, there are several people who try to remain on the fence between God and the world. God doesn’t want our ‘sometimes,’ He wants our all, all the time! Rehoboam was given several chances to surrender his life to God, but instead, he turned his back on God, and chose the world until God was the only one who could save him and his kingdom. Rehoboam was playing a very dangerous game, that left him with consequences to pay for many years to come. As Christians, we should come to God before making any decision in our lives, so that we can be sure we are making the right choice.


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