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The Cloud

The last sermon in the series, “Tabernacle in the Wilderness,” teaches us about the most important and last aspect of the tabernacle, the cloud above it. The cloud was a sign of God’s presence and guidance in the lives of the children of Israel. Wherever the cloud was, the tabernacle and the children of Israel were to reside.

The cloud was a necessary guidance for the children of Israel. When the cloud moved, God was teaching them to be obedient, much as He teaches us in our Christian lives that when it is time to move, we must follow His lead. When the cloud stood still, God was teaching patience. Several times in our lives, we as Christians go through spiritual dry spells, where we may feel as if God is not really listening because nothing is changing. We must remember, just as the children of Israel learned in those times of little movement, God is still there, and our course has not changed, we are to stick with what God has told us to do in the meantime, until it is time to move again.


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