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This sermon in our Wednesday night series, “Corinthians,” finds Paul writing in reply to the Corinthian church about marriage. Within the church there were marriages suffering from lust and adultery, to marriages where only one spouse was saved. These issues and many more were addressed by Paul within this chapter.

In Corinth at this time, lust was a very prominent issue. With brothels almost everywhere, married men and women were giving into lust and destroying their marriages. Paul explained to the Corinthians, when God created marriage, He created it with one man, and one woman. This one man and one woman are to render unto each other whatever they needed to meet the needs of their spouse. To withhold anything is viewed as thieving in the eyes of the Lord. Paul also addresses the issue of divorce. God’s intention of marriage was that it is until death do us part. As Christians, we are to honor God’s plan in our marriage, and to work together to forgive, and grow in God. Divorce is to be a last resort.


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