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Living With Lot In Sodom

In Genesis, we witness Lot and Abraham parting ways. Abraham chooses the course closest to God, while Lot chooses to the course closest to Sodom. Lot was beginning to wander down a path of sin that would ultimately cost him everything.

Much like Lot, it is easy for us to sink into sin. At first we think it’s no big deal, and we don’t even notice how comfortable we become with the sin. At some point, when we have been mostly consumed, we begin to realize that there is a caution in what is happening. Sin will pollute your soul, and can cost you a relationship with God. However, no matter how unclean we are, God always calls out to us to leave that place of sin. Thankfully, just as Abraham prayed for Lot during the destruction of Sodom, Jesus is intervening on our behalf every time we sin. He is speaking with the Father and still calling you to Him. No matter how far we stray, God will always welcome us home.


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