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Do Unto Others

As we encounter Job in this chapter, he has become weak after all the tragedy that has overcome his life. Job is forced to look at his attitude and works to see if he is the kind of person that someone would stay next to.

As Christians, we are faced with opposition on a daily basis. If we allow it, discouragement will overtake us, and soon our friends will not want to be near us, because our attitude has changed to a miserable one, and it is difficult to be in our presence. In the same light, it is at our worst that we discover who our true friends are, so it is important that we choose the right people. Depending on their disposition, they can be an encouragement, or discouragement in our walk with Christ. As long as we keep God as the center of our focus, we will find friends who do the same, and will treat us the way a friend should be treated!


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