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Christian Liberty Part One

In 1 Corinthians, Paul begins to teach the foundations of Christian liberty by addressing a common problem in Corinth. This problem was the eating of meats that had been sacrificed to an idol.

Paul explained that while we as Christians might know that the idol was nothing, and the meat sacrificed thereon was not going to condemn us if eaten, this act might cause a stumbling-block for a new Christian who might have just been saved, or an unbeliever that we might be able to witness to. Knowledge of what liberty we have as Christians is a wonderful thing to have, but in order for that knowledge to help us better witness to the world around us, we must apply love. If we offend every person around us, how can we bear witness to the love of Christ? We must show love and compassion alongside knowledge in order to show God’s path to those who are lost. When we show love, we grow closer to God, and when we grow closer to God, the stronger our conscience becomes, and the more wisdom we gain from Him.


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