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A Faltering Father And A Failed Generation

This Father’s day sermon takes us to the beginnings of Manasseh, son of Hezekiah. Manasseh was wicked. Worshipping idols, killing innocent people, and even sacrificing his first born son, all in an attempt to provoke God. How could someone so wicked, come from a man that was at one point, a great king who served God with all he had?

The answer is simple. Hezekiah faltered, which caused him to fail in teaching Manasseh the importance of God in his life. Hezekiah began to slowly let the enemy in, and became lazy in his faith and works for God. Hezekiah had even hardened his heart so much, that he didn’t listen to the word of God. As Christians, it is important that we realize that there is never a time when we should just ‘coast’ in our spiritual lives. We should always be on fire for God. Our children are watching us always, and if they don’t see us on fire for God, how can we expect them to be on fire for Him? What we do as Christian parents, teaches our children what is acceptable for their lives. We should never forget that God comes first.


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