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The Curtains And Coverings

This sermon in the series, “Tabernacle in the Wilderness,” discusses the importance of the curtains and coverings used in and around the tabernacle. God instructed that the tabernacle’s curtains and coverings consist of two different sets of fabric, goat hair and linen. The goat hair was the covering on the tabernacle, but was hidden on the inside by the beautifully colored blue, scarlet, and purple linens covered in cherubims.

This study has brought to our attention that the tabernacle and each piece within it represents Christ and his relationship with the church. The goat hair laid upon the tabernacle is a representation of the sin laid upon Christ. However, sin was not viewed in Christ, but rather covered by His righteousness. Each coloring within the linens represents a different part of Jesus. The blue represents His heavenly character, the scarlet, His human nature and the price He had to pay for us, and the purple, His royalty as Son of God. Last, the cherubims were placed throughout the linens to remind those in worship within the tabernacle that they were under God’s protection and watchful eye.


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