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The Brazen Altar

This sermon in the series, “Tabernacle in the Wilderness,” focuses on the importance of the Brazen Altar. We learn of the placement of the altar outside of the tabernacle. We learn about the purpose of the altar, and the significant resemblance that the altar has to Jesus Christ and the cross at Calvary.

The brazen altar was made of brass and shittim wood, stood four and a half feet tall and seven and a half feet square. It was placed outside of the tabernacle, in line with the door, so that before anyone could enter the tabernacle, they would first present their sacrifice. The offerings given at this altar were sweet savor offerings and the altar lifted the sacrifice as it burnt. The significance of the placement of the altar shows us that our Christian lives must start with the realization that Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us. We cannot enter into the presence of God without asking Jesus into our lives.


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