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The Boards and the Bars

This sermon in the series, “Tabernacle in the Wilderness,” discusses the boards and bars of the tabernacle. The boards and bars were standing upright, strictly uniform, and made 10 cubits in length.

The boards and bars stood upright, as we must, to give glory to God. Each board and bar were to be precisely measured and uniform with one another in order to achieve the strength needed to uphold the tabernacle. As Christians, it is our duty to work with one another, to bring the uniformity needed to accomplish the goals given to us by God in this life. Each board and bar was made 10 cubits in length. Ten is the number of human responsibility, and shows us that it is our responsibility to uphold God’s work on this earth. We are to spread His word, and work together to accomplish the goals He has set for us.


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