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Some Things To Pillow Your Head On In The Midst Of A Storm

In Mark chapter 4, the disciples are aboard a ship in the evening when a storm arises. The waves and wind batter the ship, as Jesus rests his head on a pillow and sleeps. The disciples cry out to Him, and ask Him if He cares that they are in danger. Hearing this, Jesus arises and calms the waves, and rebukes the wind. Jesus then asks the disciples why they have no faith in Him.

As Christians, we can be certain that storms are a part of our lives. The storm in our text began in the dark of night. Sometimes our storms will appear when we are still in the wake of another storm. However, unlike the disciples, we have to remember that even in our darkest storms, we can pillow our heads on the Saviors presence, promises, and peace.  Jesus is always with us through every storm we face, whether we see Him or feel Him, He is there. We can rest assured because Jesus has promised us that He will always provide for and protect us. Just as Jesus calmed the sea, He can calm our hearts and minds in times of trouble, so long as we trust in Him.


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