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Lord, Open My Eyes

In 2 Kings, Elisha is helping the king of Israel to elude the king of Syria by avoiding the territory of the camp that the Syrian army has created within Israel’s boundaries. When the king of Syria hears that Elisha has told the king of Israel the plot that was whispered within a bedchamber, the king of Syria decides to try to capture Elisha. The Syrian army surrounds Elisha’s tent, and when his servant sees them, Elisha begins to pray that God would open their eyes. Then, before their eyes, the Syrian army begins to see the chariots of fire of God’s holy army.

Many times as Christians, we become blinded by things that Satan places in our lives. These blindfolds keep us from seeing and sometimes even receiving God’s blessings. In times like this, we need to pray that God would remove the blindfold of sin, fear, discouragement, or unbelief, so that we can see and appreciate His blessings on our lives.


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