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Indulging Lust

This sermon in the series, “Practical Teachings For Pure Living,” teaches us about the sin of lust, and just how truly dangerous it can be.  The direction, danger, and last option for the aftermath of lust are enough to help keep a Christian on track and away from this all consuming sin.

Desire is the driving force behind what direction our lust can take us in. If our desire is pointing us outside of our marriage, we are sinning. Lust is the adultery of the heart, and often times leads to actions that not only hurt those we love, but puts a wall between God and ourselves. Lust is not a sin to be played with. Jesus tells us that we are to swiftly remove this sin from our lives, because it is all consuming. When we give in to our desire, and have been consumed by the sin itself, our last punishment can be divorce. The scripture tells us that God intended for marriage to be until death, however, if a spouse cannot be faithful, Moses offered that we can divorce if we cannot reconcile after our spouse has lusted after another. Divorce is a final option, not the only option, but it is up to us to rid ourselves of the sin that causes the wrong desires in our hearts.


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