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Christian Liberty Part 3

This sermon in the series, “Corinthians” continues the thought of Christian liberty. Paul warns us to take heed, that we are to never be an over confident Christian. Israel was an example of being an over confident Christian in this chapter, as they were fed by the hand of God in the wilderness.

God had led Israel from slavery and from that, they were given great liberty. As they had wandered through the wilderness, God had given them manna from heaven.  Yet, even after all God had given them, the children of Israel were lusting after onions, garlic, cucumbers, and other trivial things. They wanted these things so badly, these items became and idol before them.When a Christian becomes over confident, they begin to lust after things and before long, those things that they have been lusting after come between them and their relationship with God. They forget that although they have been given the liberty by God to make choices, they must still use logic and responsibility. As Christians, we should always remember that with liberty given to us by God, we must also apply the logic that God will always provide a way of escape from the temptations we face, and it is our responsibility to stay close to God, and seek His will in all parts of our lives.


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